My name is Carty Sewill.

I’ve been posting my eccentric collection of original art online for over a decade. Starting on and continuing to Tumblr, where I gained mild popularity, I synthesize my eclectic interests into traditional art, graphic design, illustration, and words. These days I host my own content at; I shill on my new Instagram and other forums like Something Awful. (No Facebook guys, sorry.)

Creating everything from an assortment of art books to meme coins like Wownero; a real cryptocurrency. I’ve been lucky enough to ply my wares over email and via niche online stores. Having sold more than 400 original works of art online my paintings hang everywhere from Taipei to Israel.  My preoccupations and endeavors are diversified.

Including an interest, and liberal arts major at SJSU, in philosophy I tend to find myself leaning towards the esoteric. A life-long science fiction reader and endless podcast binger when significant enthusiasm arises it leaks into my work. 

An example of which can be found in my work as a young artist; helping to create video game mods in the early 2000’s, like Red Orchestra. Shortly after I became involved at I incorporate both digital tools, like 3D Studios Max, and traditional mediums, like acrylic ink, in my work. 

Work created while living in Fresno, the Bay Area, and Brooklyn; doing freelance gigs, such as corporate art installations, and design. With one or two full time positions, illustrating and writing for companies like Private Internet Access, along the way.

If you’d like to speak to me email cartyisme [at] gmail [dot] com. Or log onto to Freenode and find cisme_ in #Wownero or #Monero. You can also pm /u/Cartyisme on Reddit.