Medici Triptych - Oil at 12 x 16 in. on 22 x 15 in. BFK Rives.

Rothschilds are Boring

Many other members of the Medici fought for progress as well. Using their influence and money to safe-guard controversial scientists, like Galileo, and other secular works from the inquisition. Risking excommunication in the process. 

Others used the families wealth to fight for despotism and authoritarian rule. In stark contrast to the principles of their fore-fathers. 

They are not purely benevolent or without stigma. However, their legacy of patronage is still imitated by the wealthy today. They’re a symbol that encourages charity and public work.

The Medici financed work that served to inspire, promote, and illustrate a shared ideal. One of upward mobility. A common Florentine usurer and his descendants building a banking empire; overcoming aristocracy and circumstance.  

They invented the middle-class.